Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A room for Baby T

In honor of our baby's due date today, which it appears may pass by uneventfully, I thought it was a good time to share photos from the nursery. This has been a minor effort at our house compared with the big basement remodel we have underway (photos of that soon), but is important nonetheless, and I think turned out pretty cute in the end.

My goal has been to keep it from being too theme-y, so we did a little bit of Dr. Seuss, and a little of the first letter of his name, which will be "L." Other than that, I just tried to stick with primary colors and not go too crazy with any one thing. Here are the details:

Dr. Seuss prints using clip art I found on Google Images and tweaked in Microsoft Publisher. Frames from Target.

"L" Scrabble pillow cover from Nest Home Furnishings on Etsy. There are many options out there for these pillows but I'm glad I found this one - the fabric is kind of burlap-ish which I think is fun. The pouf ottoman was a lucky score from Target's Privet House collection. It's typically sold online-only but I stumbled upon this one in one of the stores - it was a return so 50% off! I wasn't sure if I was sold on it but knew I couldn't beat the price so put it in the space for awhile and it ended up growing on me.

Credit for the stuff in this photo goes to my friend Natalie Boike - I stole the bookshelves ideas from her baby's nursery. They're just IKEA shelves with a ton of books on them but I love how they fill the wall, and in keeping with my Dr. Seuss focus most of the ones on our shelves are by him, with others books tossed in and stored in the bins below. She also helped me figure out the hanging lampshade. Given our space is really limited in this room and there's only one outlet that can be turned on from the wall near the door, we needed to figure out a way to get a light in this corner and she suggested this idea. I ended up going with this yellow shade from Target, and needed to buy one of their cheap hanging paper lanterns to get the right size cord to fit inside the shade and be able to hang it. There are other kits out there to convert a lampshade to hang, including a $5 one from IKEA that I initially tried, but it was too big to fit the shade so I recommend going with something from the same store the lampshade is from - in this case, Target. The bins I'm using for toys and extra books are from Target too.

The "L"s and our changing table.

Couldn't resist doing another fabric-lined tray with Dr. Seuss fabric found on

Here is where I found my L's:
1. I made this one based on something I saw on Etsy. The L is from Hobby Lobby online and I just cut the fabric to fit and Modge Podged over the top of it. The L was originally cardboard looking so I painted it blue before covering the front.
2. and 9. Found on Ebay, but I can't find the link to the specific vendor anymore.
3. From this Etsy shop
4. DIY Anthropologie letters from this post on
5. Alphabet trays from West Elm 
6. From Urban Outfitters
7. From Touch of Europe
8. DIY of this option from Urban Outfitters. I used a smaller version of the cardboard letters used for the Anthropologie letters, painted the sides white, printed a map to fit the front, and modge podged over it all. The fun thing about doing this myself is I was able to customize the map, so it shows our hometown.
10. From Urban Outfitters