Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My first client!

I was thrilled with how quickly the first dresser I put out there sold. I even had a few interested people follow up afterward - one in particular wanted it for the nursery for her first child, who will arrive in a couple months. I offered to keep my eye out for another piece that I could redo for her, and as luck would have it, a few days later I found it at a thrift store near my house:

This one was another great find - it reminded me alot of the one I found and redid for myself, and my client really liked that one too so it was a great fit. Because I knew who the buyer would be, I was able to give her some choices on which of the paint swatch colors we'd use, as there were only four drawers instead of five. From there, I got to work redoing the dresser for her, as she wanted it this past Sunday. It was the quickest turnaround I've done yet, but it was actually fun having a client deadline to meet!

Here's how it turned out - aren't the drawer pulls great? Very retro but cool. Also, just for the record, I have plenty of other color schemes in mind, but the pink/red combo keeps selling so I keep making it! The two dressers I've sold now have each gone in a baby girl's or young girl's room. Now, I'm back on the prowl for the next great piece I can find, redo, and make available in the shop - the search begins again!


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