Sunday, January 1, 2012

Impressive ruffle pillows

This pair of felt ruffle pillows kept me busy for several days during my Christmas vacation this year. I based them off this great tutorial on The Etsy blog.

That said, I made two modifications to the approach outlined on Etsy:

1. The main cover is a no-sew model as outlined here, but folded and pinned in back rather than knotted:

2. Rather than sewing the ruffles onto the cover itself, I cut out a piece of felt to the size and shape I wanted, then sewed the ruffles to that instead. This will enable me to remove the ruffles and simply wash the fabric cover when needed.

The Etsy Blog warns that you'll use a LOT of felt circles, and they were right! I used about 90 for each pillow. I was able to make pretty quick work of it by tracing circles that measured just under 3" across from a mug using a regular ballpoint pen on the felt. A sharp scissors is also key to staying sane cutting out all those circles.

I really love these pillows, and am going to try making some using longer pillows, like those shown on The Etsy Blog, sometime soon!

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