Friday, January 27, 2012

Minor bathroom redo

It's been more than three months already since we moved into our house. We painted like crazy at the beginning and I've been crafting ever since, but now we'll be moving into some more substantial improvements. Our first one was this past weekend, when we swapped out the tiles on the side of our bathtub to make them more modern and to match the new wall color better. As with most projects, this was more involved than we first realized, but I like the updated version so much better. And, it gave us a pressure-free way to practice mudding and grouting some tile before we get into the much more involved project - completing remodeling our upstairs bathroom (more on that below). 

The before picture benefits from the realtor's wide-angle camera and better flash, but I assure you, even though it looks darker, the after is so much better!

As I mentioned, this little project is just the warm up for a big undertaking we'll be starting in February, which is to completely gut and redo our main bathroom. We're talking gut with a capital G - we're even redoing the sheet rock to get rid of the odd texturing thing you can likely detect below, taking down the one wall, adding pocket doors to free up wall space, etc. etc.

Again, this picture benefits from originally being taken by a realtor, but hopefully you can still capture all of its retro glory, though you can't see the cracks in the sink, etc. I cannot wait for our new bathroom! Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to the bathroom redecoration to get a sense of what I'm going to try to do in there - mustard yellow and gray all the way! :)

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